The 36th annual Henkle reunion was held Sunday, Aug. 3, at the  Exline Community  Center in Exline.

Sharon  Henderson of Centerville gave the blessing and 22 relatives enjoyed a bountiful dinner at noon.

President Stacey Brown had each one introduce themselves and their family. Kenneth and Judith Stills were the hosts for the year; 2009 hosts are Elvin and Nadine Thomasson.

Sharon Henderson takes care of renting the hall. Stacey Brown was elected to hold the president’s office another year and Judith Stills was held over as secretary.

Since the last reunion, there were two births:  Natalia Jo Brown and Austin  Michael Henderson, both of Seymour.

There was one marriage, Thomas William Henkle and Cori  Ann  Warden in  Montezuma.

There were two deaths: Alva Van Blaricom of West Des  Moines and Dwight E.  DeJong of New Sharon.

Those attending were Berta Lee Eddy of Exline; Elvin and Nadine Thomasson and Kenneth and Sharon Henderson, all of Centerville; Chris, Stacey,  Maverick and Natalia Brown and Charles,  Cassie, Abigale and Austin Henderson, all of Seymour; Sharlene, Taylor and Justin Stiles, all of Kirksville,  Mo.; William and Leila Henkle of Montezuma; Diana,  Hannah and April  DeJong of New Sharon; Kenneth and Judith Stills of  New Virginia.

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