Another year for the Progress Edition has came and gone. The winter storm hit so much of our state, again, missed those of us along J-46 and, it seems, according to reports of this date, most of Appanoose County. We did receive a nice rainfall on Friday evening and Saturday but the forecasted freeze and snowfall, has to this time, missed our area. Electrical lines are damaged throughout the state and it appears they will be unable to completely get them back up and going for at least three days. I am glad that the temps were somewhat moderate during this period as to be without power and heat. It could be a lot worse than it is.

Recently Donnie and Rick Daily of Oklahoma spent a few days with their mother, Katie Daily, in Cincinnati getting some outdoors work done for the upcoming spring. They had been called to this area due to their uncle Basil Blue’s funeral on Feb. 6. Among the other out-of-area people to come for Basil’s passing included his sister, Elaine, Sam and Jim Stevens of Iowa City.

The relatives were together for four days and it was an especial blessing to the Blue family to have their presence during this trying time.

It appears that good things get attention from place unexpectedly, and in some cases, previously unknown. Such is the case when Sam’s Western Meat Market in Northern Missouri contacted the Hangman Army of Mystic and volunteered commercial sponsorship of his volunteer organization. One result of this contact will be visible at the Centerville Wal-Mart store on March 2 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. when for a donation to the Army coffers for the spring/summer 2007 season each donor will receive some beef jerky. This is a “trade for donations”. I have also been advised that in certain areas where there is a Toyota dealership, with each pick-up sold a package of this jerky is placed on the front seat. Somewhat akin to the nationwide lodging corporation that has become well-known for leaving a chocolate on your clean pillow, to be found when one retired for the night. I am quite certain that many deer (and other out-of-door sportsmen) that drive Toyota Pick-ups will recall that gesture when stocking their larders for snacks in the wild.

Whatever the reason, sponsorship is welcomed by any and all volunteer organizations, especially those involving the kids. You just cannot beat volunteerism. Don’t you miss this Saturday happenings at Wal-Mart.

Carla’s 18-80 Valentine Party that had been postponed from the Valentine weekend was held at the KC Hall in Centerville Thursday evening Feb. 22 and a goodly group was in attendance. The food prepared by Carla and Kathy Hudson and their willing “volunteers” was of a wide variety and luscious tasting. Facilities were cheery and well-suited for this occasion. Nice to have private possibilities available for public functions when needed in our immediate area.

Jan Lira’s mother, Laveta Potter of Seymour suffered a fall in her home last week and has been taken care of by Jan and her sister, LaVoy Buckingham of Winterset upon their return from a visit with their Aunt Anita and Uncle Bill in Bolton, Mo. While still under medication care, LaVeta is recuperating nicely at this writing.

Due to an accident between an Alliant light pole and a vehicle last week along J-46, from that point through Promise City, many patrons suffered some outage for a few hours. In my case, the sudden resurge did damage to my microwave oven while others in the immediate area lost televisions (even cable connections) and other items of electronic make-up. Uncertain at this writing just how much of these various damages can be/will be covered by outside means...but no loss of life or limb was involved and for that, we are very thankful.

Well, the storms came and there was a tournament held in Des Moines. It was not the girls basketball tournament, it was the boys state wrestling tournament, so we can still look forward to a March blow when the girls hit the town. Don’t put your snowshoe or mittens away just yet.

This weekend is going to be a busy one for several in the area. Tom Micetich and his group are scheduled to play at the Muscatine Care Center Saturday March 3. This is the same center that Willadean Danay served as head nurse for many years past. Depends upon the weather as to how the plans of some of the locals have for attendance to this event which we are certain will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed by the residents and visitors.

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