Dorcas/Esther Circle

Dorcas/Esther Circle met May 22 in Houston House with Chair Eleanor Teater welcoming nine ladies present. Minutes and the treasurer’s report were given.

Devotions were given by Joyce Rush about “The Healing Power.” She gave an example using a man who came home from work carrying all his troubles and had no time for his family. After he left his troubles outside one night, he had a good time with his kids, slept better and was happier. He picked up his troubles when he left for work the next morning and they felt lighter. Another example was a lady who carried a burden for 40 years over a $10 mistake she made.

A love offering of $25 was given. The circle will help deliver Meals on Wheels June 28-29. In July members will be greeters and ushers for church services.

Marsha Teater presented the program about “Children of the Bible.” Some were Joseph and how his brothers treated him; the little girl who was ill, her father asked for help and she got up and walked; Moses in the basket. It was brought out that we need to help children feel the Love they need and try to give them better days.

Fellowship and refreshments were served by Doris Christy and Polly Parks.

Submitted by Gerry Wilson

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