Daniel Mervin Babbitt conveyed to Lois J. Babbitt land in Johns Township April 19.

Roald L. Lusanta conveyed to Richard Gregory Gorden and Noel Foster Gorden land in Centerville April 19.

Patrick F. Curran and Jenette Curran conveyed to Acer 1 LLC land in Wells Township April 19.

Arlin D. Gordin and Margaret J. Gordin conveyed to Leonard James Tomash and Kimberly J. Tomash land in Udell Township April 20.

Irvin L. Williams and Mary Kay Williams conveyed to themselves land in Taylor Township April 23.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation conveyed to Thomas Burke land in Caldwell Township April 23.

David Zelenka and Janell Zelenka conveyed to Brad Snell land in Centerville April 23.

Jerry Joe Garretson and Janet Jean Garretson conveyed to Jerry Garretson revocable trust 1/2 interest and to Janet Jean Garretson revocable trust 1/2 interest land in Centerville April 23.

Scott Edward Schwering and clerk of district court conveyed to Debra Ann Schwering land in Vermillion Township April 25.

Richard Stewart and Margel Stewart conveyed to Curtis Ryan Stewart land in Pleasant Township April 25.

Michael E. Bain and Holly A. Bain conveyed to Mark Stogdill and Sharla Fleshman land in Sharon Township April 25.

Robert Babbitt, Beverly Babbitt, Wayne Babbitt, Cindy Babbitt, Daniel Mervin Babbitt and Michelle Babbitt conveyed to the Babbitt family farm LLC land in Johns Township April 26.

Pamala D. Fuller conveyed to Phillip Kriegel and Teresa Kriegel land in Walnut Township April 26.

Richard Parcel conveyed to Kenneth Lee Wireman land in Moravia April 26.

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