Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

June 6, 2013

Spring graduates

The Daily Iowegian

---- — OTTUMWA — Indian Hills Community College has released the names of the students who completed their graduation requirements at the end of the 2013 spring term.

This is a list of students who received an Associate of Arts (AA) degree, Associate of Science (AS) degree, Associate of Applied Science (AAS), degree, Diploma or Certificate at the end of the Spring Term.

(The students are listed by hometown. We would appreciate it if you would publish the names of the students whose hometowns are in your paper’s circulation area as time and space permit.)

ALLERTON: Jessie L. Horton (AA), Alitha A. Jellison (Diploma), Delores S. Nickell (AA)

CENTERVILLE: Amber L. Atwell (Diploma), Julia Renee Beal (AA), Kathryn E. Browns (AAS), Jennisha S. Campbell (AA), Jennisha S. Baker (Diploma), Samantha A. Bowen (Diploma), Jamie R. Brewer (AAS), Jennifer L. Buban (Diploma), Mariana J. Camarillo Chavero (Diploma), Sandra M. Chandler (Diploma), Kimberly A. Clayworth (Diploma), Sheila J. Comstock (AA), Cassandra L. Cooper (Diploma), Tanner S. Courtney (AA), Alyssa M. Cowan (AA), Kristin L. Dell (AA), Adam M. Deneke (AA), Charles D. Drake (AA), Christina L. Ford (AA and AS), Rebecca L. Garnett (AAS), Amanda Genzel (AA), Sawyer C. Henderson (AA), Crystal T. Jessop (Diploma), Makenzie M. Jewett (Diploma), Dylan Johnson (AA and AS), Lenzi Angelic Jones (AA), Nichole M. Jones (Diploma), Anna Lillian Jordan (AA), Andrew Leach (AA), Jacob I. Mann (AA), Denise L. Matkovich (AAS), Geraldine McClain (AA and AAS), Mickie L. McKinley (AA), Taylor C. Ostrich (AA), Emanuela Pappa (Diploma), Jasmine A. Rahimi (AA), Jessica R. Schwering (AA), Kelly J. Shanahan (Diploma), Shelby D. Shepherd (AAS), Scott J. Simmons (AA), Olivia J. Starcevich (AA), Alicia M. Sterns (AAS), David S. Strode (Diploma), Carrie S. Stroud (AA), Molly J. Thomas (AA and AS), Stacy J. Thomas (AA and AAS), Susan D. Vilvens (AA), Ashley N. Webber (AA and AAS), Joshua D. Yadon (AA), Tina L. Young (AAS)

CINCINNATI: Erika N. Moorman (Diploma), Norrita M. Moorman (AAS), Valerie R. Printy (Diploma)

CORYDON: Bailey Beckner (Diploma), Daniel W. Bennett (AAS), Abby Freeman (Diploma), Amanda A. Gragg (AA and AAS), Whitney L. Jellison (AA), Chelsey L. Joiner (Diploma), Tracy L. Lowry (Diploma), Rebecca L. Moorman (AA), Heather Welch (AAS), Bradley Williams (AA)

EXLINE: Jeremy C. Carlsten (AAS)

MORAVIA: Paige R. Buckallew (AAS), Shawna R. Hoven (Diploma), Sammy R. Ellison (AAS)

MOULTON: MacKenzie R. Clark (Diploma), Jeffrey A. Inman (AA and AS), Alexandra M. Kantner (AA), Keonnie L. Pruett (AA), Rebecca L. Steen (Diploma), Amy N. Thompson (Diploma), Amber L. Naill (AA)

MYSTIC: Amber L. Naill (AA)

NUMA: Nathan W. Berry (AAS)

PROMISE CITY: Danielle N. Hicks (AA)

SEYMOUR: Alaynah M. Bechtel (Diploma), Lisa D. Carter (AAS), Dominique A. Craver (Diploma), Niki D. Jones (AAS), Casey Warren (AA and AS), Jared D. Westphal (AA and AS), Travis J. Young (AA)

UDELL: Brettany M. Sebolt (AA and AAS)

UNIONVILLE: Krystal L. Bronson (Diploma)

UNIONVILLE, MO: Becky S. Andrew (Diploma), Allison J. Harlan (AAS), Julie Huff (Diploma), Lisa A. Newman (AAS), Krystal V. Peters (Diploma), Paige Nicole Ryals (AAS), Diane L. Van Dyk (Diploma), Matthew D. Wagner (AAS)