Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

April 3, 2014

Jared Godby enters District 80 race

The Daily Iowegian

---- — Veteran and former state house clerk Jared Godby of Moravia announced this week that he is entering the race to be state representative for District 80. The district includes all of Appanoose and Monroe counties, the western portion of Wapello County and the eastern half of Mahaska County.

“I’ve chosen to run to represent District 80 in the State House because the way we do politics is unhealthy for our state and our nation. We’ve allowed party and special interests to overshadow the purpose of government as a place where people can come together to find solutions to our common problems and to move us forward as a community. It’s time we start taking part in our own government again and elect representatives that will work with the people of their district for the betterment of Iowa.

“Often times our representatives are more concerned with what is best for the national party rather than what is good for the state or their own district and, as a result, our government can rarely find compromise in their most basic tasks. We’ve seen our federal government shut down because Democrats and Republicans could not find a compromise on the budget. Our own state government extended their session last year to pass a budget for schools that, by law, should have been passed months before. This was all because they failed to act on behalf of the people.

“I think we too often forget that even our most basic document, the Constitution, from which we derive our fundamental principles as Americans, was a compromise.

“I want to represent the people of District 80 because I grew up there, I know the towns, I know the people, and they deserve a representative that’s able to put pride and party interests aside to work with the people for the betterment of Iowa. So I offer the people of District 80 an opportunity to end the cycle of partisanship, a chance to participate in your government, and to have a voice in your community.”

Godby spent six years in the Iowa Army National Guard. He served during the floods of 2008 and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. After graduating from Iowa State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Godby worked as the assistant to the chair of the Iowa House Agriculture Committee and, afterward, as legislative correspondent for Sen. Charles Grassley.

Godby currently splits his time between Moravia and Ames where he continues his studies for his Master’s Degree. He may be contacted by phone at (641) 895-8111 or email at jared@god