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January 11, 2013

Submit nominations for Daily Iowegian Citizen of the Year

Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — The Daily Iowegian seeks nominations for the annual Citizen of the Year award.

Publisher Bob Beck started this tradition in 1970 with the first winner being Dr. Patrick Gleason.

The award is given to a citizen, who over a period of time has made an outstanding contribution to the community, lived unselfishly thereby creating a better place in which to live, work, worship and raise a family.

Complete a letter to recommend your nomination for Daily Iowegian 2012 Citizen of the Year. Remember that they must be a resident of Appanoose County and not serving in or running for public office. Also, submit at least three letters of recommendation. The letters must describe the person you nominate, why do you believe they are a good candidate, list their Community Service, including civic activities, how have they demonstrated love of community, how have they shown strong leadership ability and the tenacity, how have they been a strong supporter of local enterprise, how have they been a strong supporter of local enterprise?

Send entries to: Daily Iowegian, PO Box 610, Centerville, Iowa 52544, or fax to (641) 856-8118 or email to Letters MUST be submitted on or before Jan. 31, 2013.

Dr. Patrick Gleason 1969-1970

Boyd O’Briant 1970-1971

Minnie Beaver 1971-1972

Shirley Payer 1972-1973

Kenneth Owen 1973-1974

Robert Malmberg 1974-1975

Oscar and Sarah Gavronsky 1975-1976

Lorraine Ramos 1976-1977

Chuck McCarty 1977-1978

Robert Brewer & ISU 1978-1979

Richard Strope 1979-1980

Henry Little 1980-1981

Harold Fowler 1981-1982

Doyle Hampton 1982-1983

Bob Beck (Citizen of the Decade) 1983                           

Dave Taylor and Dale Strickland 1983-1984

Dewey McConville 1984-1985

Jack Hoenshel 1985-1986

RoseMary Porter 1986-1987

Jim Bradley 1987-1988

Paul Johnson 1988-1989

Bill Benz 1989-1990

Jan Spurgeon 1990-1991

Mike O’Connor 1991-1992

Bob Traxler 1992-1993

Sid Drake 1993-1994

Merlyn Johnson 1994-1995

Jim Wesch 1995-1996

Rollie Reznicek 1996-1997

Ann Young 1997-1998

Bill Assell 1998-1999

Jim and Mary Milani 1999-2000

Larry Bettis 2000-2001

Bill Buss 2001-2002

Jim Senior 2002-2003

Nancy Bennett 2003-2004

Gary Cridlebaugh 2004-2005

Royal Simmons and Fred Jenkins 2005-2006

Kris Kostner 2006-2007

Henry Ortmann 2007-2008

Bette Howell 2008-2009

Jon Schmidt 2009-2010

Justine Heffron 2010-2011

Madeline Cummins 2011-2012