Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

April 1, 2013

Council interviews 4 looking to fill vacant at-large council seat

By Michael Schaffer - Managing editor
Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — The Centerville City Council Thursday afternoon at City Hall interviewed four individuals interested in filling the vacant at-large council seat formerly held by Randy Marcussen. All four council members were present.

The council's question and answer with candidates Jennings Dillard, Jay Rogers, Cindy Donovan-Steahr and Ron Creagan lasted 90 minutes.

Three questions were asked, including why.

Former city employee Ron Creagan said he wants to serve on the council because he is familiar with city functions after serving two terms on the council and 30 years as the head of the street department.

Creagan said while he was in charge of the street department, they saved the city thousands of dollars versus outside contractors.

"We always did what we could do," Creagan said.

You get a double bang for the buck, Creagan said, if he is selected.

"But I would like to be able to sit there on that council seat and bring out my ideas to the council and show how we can get some things done," Creagan said.

Creagan is a life-long Centerville resident.

Jay Rogers said he wants to serve on the council to help make Centerville one of the best cities in Iowa to live in. He said the city can do a better job of marketing itself to outsiders and it needs to entice high school graduates to come back.

"I want to help Centerville achieve a point where our kids that graduate and go off to school do want to come back and work and live and raise a family here," Rogers said.

Rogers said he can bring a fresh business outlook to the council and help the city grow.

Rogers, married with two children and two grandchildren, said he is semi-retired and came to Centerville in 2001.

"So we are fixtures here," he said.

Cindy Donovan-Steahr said she wants to serve on the council because she is at a crossroads in her career, her children are now grown and she now has more time to devote her pursuit to serve city government.

"I guess I was hesitant before because if I go into something, I want to do it full force," Donovan-Steahr said. "I don't want to do it half way."

Donovan-Steahr was born and raised in Centerville as were her son and daughter. Donovan-Steahr works for Mercy Medical-Centerville as a nurse.

Jennings Dillard said he wants to serve on the council because he wants to be involved with local government and be a responsible citizen. He said he has no hidden agenda, is opened-minded and will work with anyone.

Dillard said he located to Centerville in October 2010 to be the facility manager for Hydra Pools.

Dillard pointed out he has been active with the ISU CIRAS project.

Dillard, who is married with children, likened Centerville with "Mayberry," the television show from the 1960s featuring Andy Griffith and Don Knots.

"I'm obviously a transplant to Centerville," Dillard said. "This small town of Centerville is like the town I grew up in."