Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

January 13, 2014

CHS remains closed as cleaning continues

No concrete timetable on re-opening or make up days

By Krystal Fowler - Lifestyle editor
The Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — Superintendent Tony Ryan updated the school board Monday evening during the board's regular meeting on the progress being made to return Centerville High School to functionality after a fire last Thursday in the teacher's lounge.

Ryan also said the administration team was recommending that the lost school days be made up, but that they hadn't decided the best way to proceed with that yet.

"No matter how you look at it, it's an interesting situation," said Ryan.

Ryan said that the company in charge of the clean up, L.J. Roth Restoration Services, hopes to be completed with the majority of the work in time for school to resume Thursday, but are not sure if that will happen.

"Now, that's not a promise," said Ryan. "That is a target they are really striving to get to."

The board approved a contract with the company stating that the district will make a $100,000 payment at this time and another payment of $207,000 upon completion of the clean up. The cost will be covered by insurance, except for a $1,000 deductible. Ryan said that the district had received a check that afternoon from its liability insurance provider, EMC, for $125,000 that will be used to make the first payment. The board also approved accepting the payment from EMC and approved making a $100,000 payment to L.J. Roth.

According to the contract presented and comments from Superintendent Ryan and Buildings and Grounds/Transportation Director Mike Zintz, clean up will include the replacement of 48,000 square feet of ceiling tile, a wipe down of all furniture and contents and odor mitigation as well as cleaning of the gym, auditorium, the three main floors of the building, basement and the science and technology wings. Areas closer to the fire will need much more intense work, where as areas such as the science and technology wings received little damage.

There will most likely be some ongoing work to complete after students return to school, but everything essential for the students and staff to function in a safe environment will be in place before school resumes.

Ryan also said there was still an ongoing conversation about the possible need to replace the carpets in the library and main office and whether that would need to be done now or could wait until summer. Ryan said that item was not included in the approved contract since the conversation was still ongoing.

Zintz said hat the alarm company would be in the school this week replacing any of their equipment that needed to be updated due to damage. He said that expense should also be covered by insurance.

Ryan praised the response of the administration over the past week and Zintz added his thanks to the bus drivers who dropped whatever they were doing Thursday afternoon to get students home after school was dismissed early due to the fire.