Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

March 1, 2014

Budget public hearing tonight

By Michael Schaffer Managing Editor
The Daily Iowegian

---- — The Centerville City Council has the proposed fiscal year 2015 budget public hearing and a resolution to adopt said budget and certification of city taxes on its agenda tonight.

The FY 2015 budget starts July 1 and ends June 30, 2015.

Total revenues for the FY 15 budget are projected at $7,679, 981. Total expenditures are projected at $8,139,948.

Since FY 2013, city revenues and expenses have declined, according to the city’s budget estimate.

For FY 2013, total revenues were recorded at $11,162,328; total expenditures were recorded at $9,804,220.

For FY 2014, total revenues were recorded at $8,602,634; total expenditures were recorded at $8,188,479.

What hasn’t declined, at least not by that much since FY 2013, is the city’s ending fund balance.

In FY 2013, the ending fund balance was $7,662,730. In FY 2014 it is estimated to be $8,076,885. In FY 2015 the ending fund balance is projected at $7,616,918.

According to the notice of public hearing budget estimate, the estimated total tax levy rate per $1,000 valuation on regular property is $18.50 for fiscal year 2015. The estimated total tax levy rate per $1,000 valuation on agricultural land is $3.

“At the public hearing, any resident or taxpayer may present objections to, or arguments on favor of, any part of the proposed budget,” according to the city’s budget estimate.

In other action at the 5:30 p.m. council meeting at City Hall:

n Joyce Beiber, Centerville-Rathbun Lake Area Chamber of Commerce executive director, is set to give the chamber’s yearly report.

n Discuss the idea of a permanent plaque for the Jim Senior Memorial Citizen of the Month award recipients. The plaque in question from Dannco would be 16 inches by 20 inches and would be large enough to contain the names of the award winners for five years.

The cost is estimated at $115 up front with a additional charge of 15 cent per engraved letter.

n Steve Hawkins is on the agenda to discuss usage of alleys in Centerville.

n Mark Cary is on the agenda to discuss and get council permission to do an exploratory bottle excavation at various locations in Centerville which might unearth artifacts suitable to be displayed at the Appanoose County Historical and Coal Mining Museum in Centerville.

Cary, of West Des Moines, approached the council and was given approval at their July 16, 2012 — pending the approval of the private property owners — to conduct an excavation with his father at various locations in Centerville. Cary sent a letter dated June 27, 2012 asking for council approval “to gain access to the (railroad) depot areas and the area that may be the original (city) dump location.”

Cary was unable to fulfill the first request due to personal circumstances.

His efforts now are to uncover materials that date back to the earliest days of Centerville by hand digging in the city’s original dump, railroad dumps and in coal mining communities.

“If some sites in those areas could be determined they might contribute interesting items to the museum that reflect the varied immigrant cultures present at the time,” Cary said in a letter dated Jan. 28 sent to Centerville Mayor Jan Spurgeon.

n Approve a resolution of application for tax exemption under the Centerville Urban Revitalization Plan, commercial, for Randall Ferman with Shark Fin Shears, located at 22197 230th Ave. in Centerville.

n Nancy Huisman is on the agenda for approval of the engineering agreement for the Sanitary Sewer Lateral Lining Rehabilitation Project — cured-in-place lining “of approximately 70 sanitary sewer laterals and installation of approximately 70 sanitary sewer cleanouts with a construction budget of approximately $320,000.”

The agreement calls for Hall Engineering to provide professional services in consideration of $43,200.

Approve a resolution to approve and adopt a Revenue Purpose Statement for the use or expenditure of fee revenues from electric and natural gas franchise fees for Centerville.

n Approve an agreement and consent to waive potential conflict of interest for Centerville, Golfview Addition Owners’ Association and Craver & Grothe, LLP.

n Approve a resolution for an agreement between Centerville and Golfview Addition Owners’ Association. The agreement states property owners in “Golfview Addition desire to submit an application to the City ... to have the Property voluntarily annexed into the City....”

The agreement talks about the sanitary and storm sewer and water improvements in Golfview that were installed in the late 1970s. The Association maintained those installations and the city of Centerville provided wastewater utility treatment services for Golfview Addition properties since the late 1970s.

Leap up to Oct. 6, 2008 when the city of Centerville passed a resolution to agree to “provide wastewater utility treatment to the properties within Golfview Addition if the Association agreed to pay, in addition to standard monthly sewer usage and maintenance charges, a monthly surcharge equal to 100 percent of the sum of the monthly sewer usage and maintenance charges of the residents within the Association.”