Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

February 19, 2014

AC history

The Daily Iowegian

---- — AC history

Feb. 18, 1943: As the Japanese were withdrawing from Guadalcanal, Centerville’s Dr. E.F. Ritter was performing surgery under the trees assisted by Hollywood film star (and conscientious objector) Lew Ayres. Three Centerville men who’d fought on Guadalcanal came home to tell their stories of the malaria-infested jungle, the constant rain, the filth, the vermin, the incessant falling of Japanese bombs and snipers. They were Marine-Corp. Pvt. Lloyd E. Large and Sgt. Charles Davis both of Centerville and Sgt. Raymond Glascock of Cincinnati. Corp. John Wynn Ross, also of Cincinnati, died at Guadalcanal of strep throat, malaria and pneumonia. (436)

Feb. 19, 1943: The news from Africa was ominous. Two German Panzer divisions of Gen. Rommel had captured the 168th Regiment, which included Centerville’s Company G, at Kasserine Pass in Tunisia and, said the report, “cut it to pieces.” Jesse Beck at the Iowegian immediately sought confirmation gleaned from the Chicago Times and from AP delayed reports. Company G was indeed involved. With their anxiety level high, the people of the town waited ... for 22 days. (436/437)