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November 26, 2013

AC history

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---- — AC history

Nov. 26, 1941: Unknown and unseen, maintaining radio silence and taking a northerly course to avoid detection, the Japanese fleet were on route from the Kuril Islands for the rendezvous with infamy.

A low-cost ‘ingredient’

CEDAR RAPIDS — Alliant Energy’s Iowa utility company reminds its customers about the low cost of a very important ingredient needed to make the annual Thanksgiving meal this holiday – energy.

The cost of the traditional turkey feast, along with mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing and more, changes every year. The same is true for the cost of energy, which is needed to make the meal. This year, the American Farm Bureau Federation figures the average Thanksgiving feast for 10 people will cost $49.04 this year. That is down about $0.44 from last Turkey Day.

The price of electricity to make that meal for Alliant Energy customers in Iowa remains small this year, just $1.59. A recent study by the Edison Electric Institute shows electric customers in America pay about the same percentage of their annual income to cover their electric bill as they did in the 1950s, in spite of all the new appliances and electronics we plug in every day.

“Alliant Energy works hard to manage our costs for customers,” said Tom Aller, President — IPL. “On this holiday weekend, we encourage everyone to take advantage of energy efficiency and to stay safe.”