Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

March 7, 2013

Reject socialism, abortion; embrace God, life

Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — Dear Editor,

We truly live in an exceptional country. In America more has been done than anything else invented by man to lift masses of people out of poverty and which would later be known as capitalism. America has excelled by following our Founding Fathers in directing our energies as our Constitution exhorts us to preservation of the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. Almost everyone agreed that America was different. So our nation has had an exceptional beginning and history. American society is tolerant, inclusive and open compared to other societies and treats all people with dignity and respect that is the envy of the world.

We and our forebearers have fashioned a country where liberty and more prosperity are more widely shared than among any other people in human history. Unlike any other nation, citizens rights were declared from the beginning to have come from God.

But we have a president who promised before the 2008 election to "fundamentally transform America." The possibility of such a transformation will turn this country into a facsimile of the social democratic regimes of western Europe. President Obama is the most anti-Israel and pro-abortion chief executive in U.S. history. America must reject such a transformation and instead return to the principles that have made this nation exceptional.

The Supreme Court decision in 1973 to make abortion legal has caused 40 years of pain and devastation with over 55 million babies killed. Although that decision by the Supreme Court made abortion legal it certainly did not make abortion right.

Technology has confirmed what we all know to be true — a pre-born baby is not a blob of tissue but a developing person. Life is a gift from God and we're all made in God's image.

Our country protects life under law. Since Focus on the Family began championing the use of ultrasound technology at pregnancy clinics, over 146,000 abortion minded women having seen their baby on the screen, have chosen life with thousands of babies having been given a chance to live.

America needs a revival of restored respect for all human life from the moment of conception until natural death. Abortion, which is contrary to our ideals, should never be part of a civilized society.

Yours truly,

Lawrence Powell