Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

September 6, 2012

Fate of America is at stake in November

Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — Dear Editor,

Today's Democrat Party has morphed into the greatest enemy our nation has ever faced. I realize that many readers will scoff at this comment and that is exactly what worries me the very most.

As a population of potential voters, Americans have became increasingly cynical with the entire political process, and consequently, most have tuned-out of the governmental fray altogether. I do have a difficult time in defending against such disdain. As a political junkie and activist, even I have grown to passionately dislike both Democrats and Republicans.

Today's Democratic Party is made up entirely of folks all too familiar to me. As a young man, for reasons much too complicated to explain in this small space, I was a radical leftist. I worked with honest-to-God Communists and Socialists whose single goal was the complete overthrow of the then-current government. We viewed the Constitution as nothing but a hindrance and wanted to do away with it — completely. We believed that the "common man" was entirely too ignorant to govern himself and that "liberty" was a silly notion not even worthy of consideration.

I eventually grew a brain and begin an active fight against the very people I had once been aligned with. Over the past 40 years I watched these very same folks implant themselves into mainstream society. They had a special yearning for the fields of journalism, education and politics. Today, they call themselves "progressives" and they own the Democrat Party.

With Obama at the helm we see this man who was trained in the world of corrupt Chicago politics engaging in illegal and unconstitutional acts almost daily. And, as absolutely insane as it may sound, getting away with it unencumbered by anyone! The lies this man tells are on-par with Stalin and Hitler in their purpose and intent.

We are headed into a changed America that will be completely unrecognizable at the speed of light. In another four years we will be well down the path to becoming a third-world nation. Broke and powerless we will be at the total mercy of our world-wide enemies with Obama and the Democrats holding the door open for their arrival.

Please, take the time and effort to educate yourselves before the November elections. You're living much more precariously than you could have ever imagined and this is America's last chance for survival.

Ed Dursky