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August 7, 2012

‘Defend faith, family and freedom’

CENTERVILLE — Dear Editor,

As we proceed through this summer and approach the November election, some things happening must be considered. It seems America has lost her direction. Many are dismayed by government's assault on the moral and religious values that built America. We must wake up before it is too late to save our country.

President Barack Obama apparently despises traditional values and even patriotism. He continues to take action to turn the United States into a secular Socialist country as he consolidates power into his own hands. President Obama is the greatest threat to religious freedom. He is the most Biblical-hostile president of all time. Never before have we seen such an assault on religious liberty and it is now in more peril than any time in our nation's history.

The recent ruling by the Supreme Court that Obamacare is constitutional is a disaster. That ruling approved the largest tax increase ever for us. Those who refer to it as the affordable care act made a grave miscalculation of its cost.

President Obama recently changed our country's policy on illegal immigrants apparently to get their vote.

His philosophy and action on traditional one man, one woman marriage and the family is morally wrong as he promotes homosexuality. Action he has taken has reduced the effectiveness of our military. He is trying to control the minds of children by imposing a national curriculum in schools.

His campaigning for re-election rhetoric may be fooling some people but what he has done and is doing cannot be denied.

America cannot afford another four years of Obama's out of control agenda that has led to large scale unemployment, nearly $5 billion new debt and rapid expansion of the federal government. He must be made a one-term president. This is no time for apathy as Obama is speeding our nation recklessly down the road to certain economic ruin and tyranny. In the current crisis, we must be politically involved. Tuesday, Nov. 6 is the day we exercise one of the greatest privileges as a free people — the opportunity to vote.

While some are not impressed with Mitt Romney, re-electing Obama is frightening. Mitt Romney does endorse traditional one man, one woman marriage and he is very strong pro-life. He is well positioned on the economy.

We must take a definite stand and vote Obama out as we defend faith, family and freedom. A vote for a third party candidate or not voting is really a vote for Obama. We must fulfill our responsibility as we vote to get America back on track. We must be united to save America.

And may God continue to bless America.

Yours truly,

Lawrence Powell


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The Iowegian wants readers to think about building code compliance. One Centerville resident at Monday's City Council meeting proposed the city create two new positions in the police department to only deal with minimum housing and nuisance abatement issues. The city currently has George Johnson as the only employee assigned to enforce building code compliance issues. Does Centerville need more than just Johnson to enforce code compliance issues? So, the question of the week is, "Should Centerville hire additional help to assist George Johnson enforce building code compliance issues?"

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