Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

October 4, 2012

Elected officials need to listen to the community

Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — Dear Editor,

I am a resident of Appanoose County. Just recently, I was the recipient of a little tizzy from the mayor of Centerville. Apparently, he was taken aback by the issue of the city park being on KTVO. Before an answer could be given to him properly, he left. I was accused of "Trying to make Centerville look bad." That is farthest from the truth. The media was contacted because of city officials not listening to the citizens for many years previous to Mr. Senior being mayor. Citizens talk to certain council officials, they are told "Don't like it? Move away." Such a caring attitude from those who espouse to care for our area we live in. Complaints were long ago expressed on the shape of the park. All to no avail. Where are the citizens supposed to complain? Who listened? Nobody did. Many times citizens are wanting to address the city council on problems that are going on. If it isn't on the agenda, nobody talks, nobody is recognized. All through the summer, the same thing was going on at the park. Complaints, nobody listened. Many times during the summer, assorted things went on at the park, people complained, nobody listened. Wow. Such caring leaders. Long before Mr. Mayor became the mayor the same old thing was happening. We have many other problems in the city and county that could be addressed. Get them on the agenda, listen to the people, and try to take care of the problems. Don't we have a city administrator who is in charge? Who is in charge?Who listens to the complaints, or who will listen?

Mr. Senior, nobody is giving Centerville and this county a bad name but our leaders who are off in LaLa land and don't listen to the people. If the people were listened to, citizens wouldn't have to be going to the media. If city officials would look at the problems, the media wouldn't have been called. Who is in charge? The mayor shouldn't have been the one to be the toilet cleaner,we have city workers. Maybe whoever is in charge of the park can be the one who keeps it up. All through the summer, it was always messed up. Complaints, nobody listens. Read the posts on the KTVO site after the story aired, and read what others have seen. Maybe our elected officials need to take a chill pill and listen, instead of accusing someone of "Making Centerville look bad" when the person goes to another venue to voice a complaint. If those complaints were listened to, media wouldn't be needed. Also, if criticism can't be tolerated of city administration, you are in the wrong line of work. Not everyone agrees with elected officials. That's life. The people need listened to, not criticized when opinions are voiced. If a city official has to get in a tizzy because of a citizen complaining of an issue, well try to get problems addressed so other venues aren't used.  If a news report got our leaders upset, so be it. Listen to the citizens instead of sitting behind the desk. An elected title doesn't make a leader. Listening to the citizens and trying to resolve an issue makes a good leader. If the leaders listen, they get more respect than leaders who sit in their office and vegetate.

So Mr. Senior, Mr. Mayor, look at the picture long before you were in office. Talk with the people who voices complaints. We need to find out who is in charge of the different city agencies and get someone to address the problems. If ears would listen, we wouldn't need the news media.

Jeff Medina