Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

October 30, 2012

Joe Judge ‘a strong new leader’ for our county

Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — Dear Editor,

Appanoose County has the opportunity to elect a strong new leader as our voice in the Iowa House of Representatives — Joe Judge.

We have had more than our share of job losses and plant closing right here in Centerville. Our unemployment rate remains over 2 percent higher than the state average.  We need a representative that understands the problems we are facing and understands that the decisions that will be made in the Iowa legislature in the next few years may determine whether or not we have pay checks for our families.

Joe Judge is a dynamic, well educated person who was born and raised in southern Iowa. He knows our values because he grew up with those values. He chose to teach here when he could have gone most anywhere to live and work.  Because of his dedication and his belief that a good education is the key to a successful life, Joe made the decision to give back to and teach in southern Iowa.  

Joe has never been afraid of hard work, he grew up on it!  I know he will put that ethic to work for you in the Iowa legislature.  He also has the political experience it takes to get something done in the Iowa legislature and truthfully we don’t have time for someone to “learn the ropes.”

We don’t need a representative who believes that gutting our schools and giving tax cuts to big corporations will bring good jobs and more families to Appanoose County.

If Larry Sheets had lived here for a few more years, he might better understand that we have been through tough times before and know that the idea of giving more tax breaks to rich people will create jobs for the rest of us, has never worked for Appanoose County. And our schools are already struggling, as it is, without siphoning off more of our tax money to fund private schools in Des Moines. That just leaves Appanoose County tax payers holding the bill.  

Let’s think about the future — not yesterday or just today. I ask you to take a good look at both of the candidates for the Iowa House of Representatives and join me in casting your vote for Joe Judge.

Alice Davis