Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

October 18, 2012

Obama vote ensures nation’s demise

Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — Dear Editor,

The upcoming election has some folks scratching their heads in search of candidates who would best serve our nation. The economy seems to be at the front of most of our concerns, and, unless you're a CPA, most of us nod-off after just 15 seconds of listening to "experts" and their economics gobbly-goop. But, sometimes, a cigar is indeed just a cigar. Sometimes the answers to questions lie before our very eyes and are amazingly simple to comprehend if we just know what we're looking at.

Throughout this election cycle, both Democrats and Republicans have been saying that our nation is at a very serious turning point and that your choice as a voter has never had more distinct contrasts. For once, these conveyers of half-truths and outright lies are telling you the absolute truth.

For four years, Obama and the Democrats have taken us down the path of "government is the answer to all problems. We just need more time and more of those evil, rich people's money. We need to level the playing field with social justice solutions."

If these ideas actually have appeal to you, let me introduce you to a few "cigars."

California, Illinois and Europe are the ultimate in "cigars." California and Illinois are bankrupt, in all senses of the word. They have a debt load that can never be paid, yet they continue to "spend their way out of debt” in an absolutely blind and insane manner. The results are: Businesses are closing and moving out of these states. The "rich" are leaving by the thousands, shifting the entire debt load to the middle class, who are mostly unemployed and broke themselves. (Their continued insane behavior tells me that they fully expect Obama to win and eventually bail them out with your money.)

Europe is now in the final stages of "The Obama Plan." They are going off the financial cliff. Their citizens, who have grown-up depending entirely on socialist governments, are now in total despair, rioting and burning their way into extinction.

So, what are their politicians doing? Raising taxes on the "rich" who are leaving in droves, insuring Europe's certain death. (These folks also expect that Obama will, again, provide a bailout with your money).

One does not need to be a soothsayer to recognize that a vote for Obama and the Democrats will insure our nation's demise as certain as the sun will set tonight. One only needs to be capable of recognizing the giant cigars screaming out their warnings to you!


Ed Dursky