Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

May 15, 2014

Vote for Clovis June 3

The Daily Iowegian

---- — Dear Editor,

June 3 is a very important day for all Iowans. Unfortunately, few of us are even aware of the significance of that date and even fewer of us will participate in this event.

June 3 is the day for primary elections … notorious for low voter turnout. But, this year, it’s a huge day and it will be vitally instrumental in determining your future.

Thinking Iowans have been stunned and angered by what they’ve been living through for the past six years. We’ve been witness to a spiraling America on all fronts. From a steadily failing economy doomed to lead us into something much worse than just a “depression” … to a society that's increased its absolute dependance on government to a level that surpasses most Communist nations.

Stopping America’s demise will be a huge undertaking. Today, only a very small handful of Washington, D.C. politicians are capable of salvaging the nation we so love.

This is where June 3 becomes so very important! On that day, we will choose a candidate for the U.S. Senate. If he or she should win the general election this November Iowa would play a very large role in America’s sorely need recovery.

Out of the entire, rather large, field of Senatorial candidates only one can be trusted for the huge job of restoration. Republican Sam Clovis easily meets those requirements. (Because of space limitations … I’ll beg you to do your own research on Sam.)

Iowa is a “closed primary” state. This means that you must declare yourself as a “Republican” to be able to vote for Clovis. I certainly realize that for many of you this may seem repugnant. (Trust me — I do feel your pain!) But, time is running very, very short for saving America.

The Democrat Party has gone completely over to the dark side and many Republicans have joined them. But, the only few remaining good guys (that stand an actual chance of winning) are to be found in the Republican Party.

Send them all a message and help Sam Clovis begin to save us all on June 3.

Ed Dursky