Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

September 11, 2012

‘Commit to changing for the better’

Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — Dear Editor,

Centerville has a lot going for it thanks to those with great attitudes and who are willing to volunteer. Having an opinion, agreeing or disagreeing, is minor in comparison to the value of volunteers who take the time to try to make a positive difference.  

If you feel strongly enough to publically damn your community and damn those who volunteer you feel strongly enough to step up and help make a positive difference. Don’t fool yourself into thinking a Letter to the Editor attacking volunteers doesn’t damn the community.

Those interested enough to know all the facts of any situation typically feel differently once they’ve learned them. Appanoose County isn't short on assets, its short on spirit as witnessed by aggressive and personal attacks on others who volunteer, take action or lead.

Rob, Centerville needs jobs and since you know a lot about hot dog stands maybe you should open one and show us how it is done?  You make it sound like leading an organization, service as a public volunteer and even operating a hot dog stand is easy. If you are as good at those things as you are being critical of others you will be able to improve services to the community while lowering their expenses and creating jobs.  Are you stepping up to the role for which you challenge others?

Volunteer?  Hell no.  And have them write letters about me like they do everyone else?

Damning attacks are an important issue we need to face if we are going to grow as a community. They bring people down and witness our worst behavior.  They hurt and de-motivate volunteers who at one time wanted to help others.  People share that we need more people to get involved, we need more volunteers, we need more people to take risks and to lead.  If you do you will be damned in letters to the editor.  When that happens will someone defend you?  

It is disrespectful and damaging to our community to attack volunteers when they prove imperfect in your eyes. There is a difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism.  We could all invest some more effort into being constructive and holding ourselves accountable to do more positive things and to have a more positive attitude.

It doesn't matter what organization you talk about. People don't want to volunteer or serve publicly because of this kind of attitude and angst.  

We need Bill Milani, Linda Miller, Dan Sales, Nancy Bennett and Carl Cisler because they care enough to expose themselves to this kind of crappy behavior for our community's benefit.  

For everyone’s sake, we all need to stop the negative, assumptive and damning bad attitudes and join those trying to do good and positive things. A few years of doing our best and assuming the best would transform Centerville and Appanoose County. We are all responsible. Rob is responsible just as you and I are. Let’s all take responsibility and commit to changing for the better.

Bill Burch