Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

April 4, 2013

Some days glass filled to the top

Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — Dear Editor,

Woe is me! Born and raised in Centerville, I left, returned and continue to call Centerville home.  

Unlike Ms. Cooprider, I enjoy the aesthetic changes in Centerville, and though it may not immediately create jobs,  (see letter 4-2-2013) creating a more “attractive levee“ shows that the community is positive, values itself and intends to go forward with an optimistic attitude.

A business owner or factory representative might stop to ask where murals come from and why did we create a space where people can sit in the shade and relax for a moment?  I hope this person talks to me and not you.

No, I don’t like the trees ISU students recommended for the Square  (I liked the flowering pear), but I do like the brick crosswalks.  At the very least though, it shows we are trying. I don’t imagine the Alliant Office Building is thrilled by the bird “waste” that covers the east side of the building, but I don’t think you would suggest that they take down the tower that is an attractive roost for birds.

Obviously, I think my glass is half full and some days, it actually gets filled to the top.

It is ironic that your letter appeared on the same page as a column by Dr. Marlene Sprouse celebrating Community College Month. We are blessed to have so many educational opportunities available. A degree, specific job training requested by industry, courses that are offered “just for fun” and those that keep us “older folks” at least moderately up to date with newer technology are presented for us.

We have quality health care and community recreational potential thanks to contributions by individuals including Morgan Cline and many, many volunteers. Think about the persistence required to bring Rathbun Lake to this area.  There have been both positive and negative results as the area has developed and grown. If people did not dream and take big risks, people like Mr. Owen, Dr. Ritter, Mr. Beck, Dr. Gleason, Mr. Lodwick and others, we’d still have a Chariton River bottom flooding most years and Centerville and much of southern Iowa would be suffering from a water shortage with only the reservoirs to supply water for both industry and households.

Boyd    O’Briant, long-time president of the Chamber of Commerce during the years of planning and developing Rathbun Lake, used to celebrate its completion every year by drinking a glass of water directly from the lake.  He definitely saw the glass as full.

Cindy Keene