Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

August 7, 2012

Obama on a power grab in America

Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — Dear Editor,

"I love you!"

These three tiny little words are jammed packed with real meaning. When uttered during times of passion, they reveal true feelings that the orator may have wished to have kept hidden.

"You didn't build that!"

These are four little words — also loaded with real meaning — that Obama spoke almost a month ago. During an impassioned campaign speech, Obama went off his old reliable teleprompter and told the world that owners of all businesses weren't nearly as smart as they thought they were and that they really didn't work all that hard and that without big government's help they'd be nothing.

Those four little words have set off a firestorm of huge proportions. Business owners from all political stripes are furious — and the anger is now mounting daily. As a former entrepreneur and business owner I found myself dangerously close to taking a shotgun to a nearly new 52" plasma TV upon first viewing this now infamous speech.

"You didn't build that!" reveals Obama and today's new Democrat Party for just who they really are! Hellbent for complete and total control of all commerce. These Socialist/Communist folks hunger for absolute power over what they see as a truly evil American way of life. They are doing everything possible to generate class warfare (us against those evil "rich" people). They work daily on passing insane government regulations designed to purposefully bankrupt smaller businesses and, at the same time, make their huge corporate supporters even stronger. They work tirelessly to increase taxes on the "rich" — all in the name of "social justice" (a term first coined by their hero Karl Marx).

Obama is totally aware of his "you didn't build that!" slip-up and is now poh-pooing it as "being taken out of context."

I invite you to watch the entire speech and smile at his lame explanation. During his entire life Obama has held only one real job. It was for just one short year and during that year he made many comments to friends that he was "working for the enemy." He absolutely despised the fact that he was working for someone who actually had the motive of making a simple profit.

If you're someone who still believes that America is the greatest nation on our planet you can translate Obama's "you didn't build that!" comment into "I hate you!"

Ed Dursky