Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

July 31, 2012

Area medical personnel are more than up to the task

Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — Dear Editor,

Over the past week I have had an opportunity to visit several hospitals and clinics  out of necessity in the area.

We have been to the Ottumwa Regional Hospital, Centerville's Mercy Medical Center, the Corydon Hospital and the S.E. Iowa Neurological Clinic in Fairfield.

The service, compassion and professionalism in each facility was outstanding!

At Mercy Medical Center in Centerville, the attending emergency room doctor, Dr. Goldberg and nurse, went above and beyond the call of duty to make my wife comfortable. They promptly arranged an appointment with a urologist to break up my wife's  kidney stones and sent her home pain free until her appointment the following day.

The procedure was performed at the Corydon Hospital by Dr. Zafar  from Ottumwa. The experience, due to my wife's circumstances, could have been very scary and traumatic. Thankfully everything went very well, as they handled our situation with ease. The nurses and anesthesiologist did their jobs with the compassion and professionalism that totally blew me away. The doctor made certain to come in and speak to us before and after the procedure, even giving us his personal cell phone number in case we had any questions. Amazing!

In addition to these visits, we also made our first visit to S.E. Iowa Neurological Associates with Dr. Dickins. During our visit Dr. Dickins spoke to my wife with great compassion and patience, taking and assessing everything she had to say. Dr. Dickens then referred us to Ottumwa Regional Hospital and the EEG clinic. Our experience at all of these facilities were impeccable. The lasting impression of how we were treated will only make it that much more easy to get my wife to go back to each facility when necessary.

I have heard a great deal of negativity about the medical facilities and practices in southern Iowa, with the indication that if you want something done correctly, you must go to a larger city for the best treatment. Well my friends I feel very confident that if these people were unable to meet our needs, they would have passed us along to the people that could help.

I wish to take my hat off to the people that helped us this past week, your help and understanding, your compassion and professionalism is second to none. What could have been a very trying and uncomfortable week for the members of my family, turned out to be not too bad.

It is evident that Southern Iowa health facilities strive to do the best job possible.

Thank you to all.

Tom Reynolds