Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

October 3, 2013

Set the record straight

The Daily Iowegian

---- — Dear Editor,

I feel the need to respond to a couple of recent comments about Morgan’s Ice Cream Store posted on the Iowegian’s website. Let’s look at some facts. Morgan Cline has started or purchased 23 local businesses, providing jobs for nearly 150 people, and periodically hires additional people to help with special projects. Indirectly, Mr. Cline provides income to others, vendors at Exline Country Store and Bradley Hall as well the employees working at the Dialysis Center who would not have a job locally if it not for the generous contributions of Mr. Cline.

Morgan’s investments in the area have also provided excellent housing options. Examples include; senior apartments at the Continental Hotel, Coal Miners Commons, The Continental at St. Joseph’s an assisted living facility, Continental Care Center at Seymour, Continental Home Care, plus the rehabilitation of numerous stately homes in Centerville. Do you see Mr. Cline’s name attached to any of these businesses? No, he gave out of his care for his community.

The statement critical of Morgan’s name on his new ice cream store is out of line. Hy-Vee, which we all need and use, is short for Hyde and Vredenburg, the founders. If you look around the community you will also see other businesses with the owner’s name on the store front; another grocery store, furniture store, gas station, repair shops, tire store, doctors, dentists, and others. This is what I call pride of ownership. At the present time there are a number of vacant stores on the square so there is still room for anyone who is inclined to locate a business there.

Some of the questions I have for Mr. Cline’s critics are: 1) How many businesses have you started in our community?, 2) How many jobs have you created? 3) What are you doing to improve your community? It is time for local residents to act, not criticize. A recent survey of properties located within 1 block of the square found that several buildings are in need of significant repairs. The total assessed value of buildings around the square rated as fair or poor is $2.1 million dollars! If Mr. Cline had not invested so generously in buildings on the square, this number would be much higher. Now is the time for others to get involved with helping solve the problems instead of complaining about the name on a new business.

Bill McAfee