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January 10, 2014

Community in 'Catch 22' situation

The Daily Iowegian

---- — Community in ‘Catch 22’ situation

Dear Editor,

This community finds itself in the throes of a “Catch 22” situation. Only money can bring economic growth, and money is not available because economy suffered in job losses. It is a “vicious circle” that is going nowhere.

To compensate for loss in taxes, because of job losses, the city government relies on grants and bonding, all of which have stipulations attached — pay back, monies in kind and matching funds.

There are those who reap riches off the back of taxpayers, some inherit, and some, no matter how gained, uses it to feed their “id” for itselfs sake. Those who could make a difference choose not to.

The poorest county, and for grants to remain available, it must remain so. The highest taxed, and with loss of population those remaining are even taxed more and no additional jobs to cover losses.

In order for there to be economic growth,”Industrial Park” needs to be filled.

Groups and organizations are all vulnerable and setting their sites on unrealistic solutions, thus playing second fiddle and will not bring about desired results until the basic third grade math sets in.

Unfortunately, this only mirrors what is going on, on a larger scale, where congress, both senators and house, comprised of all three factions have also been feeding their “ids” and have caused uncertainty, unsettling all minds, unemployed, workers, Latinos, women, middle class, uninsured, veterans, etc — all of which also is stigmatizing growth. The rich become richer and the middle class disappears.

The middle class, those who have single handily financed the government are in jeopardy. Again, even in higher government, third grade math is elusive.

For those who may or may not agree - a sign on a local establishment not long ago stated: The truth is perceived to be hate by those who hate the truth. Enough said!

Respectfully submitted

Kathy Cooprider


Snowden should be protected under U.S. law

Dear Editor,

Congress needs to end limitless spying on U.S. citizens and support amnesty for Edward Snowden, who revealed the extreme overreach of the NSA. Mr. Snowden revealed that the NSA has routinely lied to Congress, which is a serious federal crime. These revelations make him a whistleblower who should be protected under U.S. law.

By their own account the NSA violated privacy laws thousands of times each year. Also NSA hacked into the encryption systems most frequently used on the internet, which throws into question the level of privacy available to internet users.

Multiple federal judges have ruled that the NSA spying program is unconstitutional in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Congress should reform the NSA through bills proposed by Reps. Holt and Sensenbrenner and grant clemency for Mr. Snowden so that he can return to the U.S. without threat of prosecution.

Steven Davis


Can’t trust people with no sense of humor

Dear Editor,

From an early age I recall being told to “Never trust a man who lacks a sense of humor.” The thesis behind such a statement was that the lack of humor indicated the person had no soul … that they were self-centered … could never be trusted … and were always driven to follow their own ideologies with no respect, tolerance or merit shown for those who may differ.

As a kid, these words of wisdom rang hollow. I was raised in a family with an overabundance of humor and had not yet begun to venture beyond the confines of childhood. But, with the passing of time, life experiences gave worth to the theory. I certainly ran into my share of bad guys that did indeed have a sense of humor … but never … never … met a humorless man, of any ilk, that could be trusted.

Memories of that judicious advice, given in a bygone era, came flooding back a few days ago. A friend sent me a 12 minute video containing jokes delivered by President Ronald Reagan. Some were scripted into speeches and some were delivered off the cuff … in a natural impromptu manner. They showed a man who didn’t always take himself so seriously … a man you could trust.

The video ended with a clip of Obama on the campaign trail and without a teleprompter. He had flubbed a statement and was struggling to find the right words. The crowd began to laugh and Obama began to get angry. Angry, not at himself but at his audience. There was a subtle message in that video that screamed the truth behind today’s president.

It’s too bad that American voters ignored that simple but true idiom — “Never trust a man who lacks a sense of humor.”

Ed Dursky