Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

February 4, 2014

Tea Party primer 101

The Daily Iowegian

---- — Tea Party primer 101

Dear Editor,

Once again we see a joint effort to discredit the fledgling movement known as “The Tea Party.” Most members of the mainstream media, all Democrat politicians and many Republican politicians have joined forces to attack this distinctly American grassroots phenomenon. Before you can understand the motives behind the folks who hate and fear this group of citizens … you must know a few facts about the Tea Party.

First and most importantly … the Tea Party is not an actual singular entity. It is a true honest to God movement based entirely on a handful of premisses. There are no state or national Tea Party leaders. Not one person or organization represents or speaks for the Tea Party. No billionaire can begin to even slightly influence “The Tea Party.” We were organically grown from a groundswell of concerns for this nation’s future. Thousands of individual “Tea Parties” sprang up in communities coast-to-coast … ranging in membership from just a handful to hundreds.

Tea Party members have just a few things in common: We are ardent supporters of the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. We believe that individual liberty must be maintained. We believe that all Americans were born free … not given just certain freedoms … handed down by a huge centralized government. We know that throughout the history of mankind … a large central government is always made up of corrupt and self-centered leaders who’s only concern is their own well-being.

Why do our detractors (progressives, Communists, socialists and corrupt politicians) fear and hate the “Tea Party” so much? The answer is painfully simple — they know that if our goals are reached … their power over Americans will be forever gone … along with their ill gained wealth.

As we enter the 2014 election year … beware of those who preach against the “Tea Party.” It’s not you or America that they’re worried about!

Ed Dursky