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October 2, 2012

Larry Sheets the best choice for SE Iowa representative

CENTERVILLE — Dear Editor,

The choice couldn’t be clearer in the race for our next state representative. We have liberal candidate Joe Judge of Albia and local Moulton conservative candidate, Larry Sheets.

Joe Judge teaches government and history at Albia High School. Larry Sheets has served as an engineer for more than 30 years at three different companies. He holds 15 patents. He now resides southwest of Moulton as a tree farmer, and has planted over 120,000 trees. He serves on the Moulton-Udell School Board, and has taught at three different colleges. Larry helped bring MTI to Moulton to help grow jobs here in our community, and to help preserve our school. When Larry and his family first moved here, Larry reached into his own wallet and paid to have air conditioning put into the school so that the students, teachers and staff didn’t have to suffer through the heat. Larry serves on the Hope Pregnancy Center which helps council pregnant women. Larry is loyal to his church in Centerville. He and his wife Carol have eight children, one of them who plays football for the Big Reds.

Larry Sheets has spent his entire life trying to give back to people, and that is the reason why he is running for office. He spent his life inventing things for people to use, he taught at three colleges to help share his knowledge on subjects, he helped fight for jobs for the Moulton community, and he has been fighting nonstop to help preserve our school. Larry now wants to take his experience to Des Moines to fight for southeast Iowa. Larry has experience in education from the class room to the difficult decisions that school board members have to make, he has experience in the private sector, and experience at bringing jobs to communities. Larry is running for the Iowa House for his family, community, and country.

Larry believes in being honest with people, even though it might offend them or something they might disagree on. Larry believes in voting on principle, not party. Larry believes that Iowa’s best days are still ahead, but we have to make tough decisions to keep us from collapsing.

Larry is an open book when it comes to his positions, sadly we cannot say the same about his opponent, Joe Judge. Joe Judge likes to say that he would be our voice standing up for us, but nothing has proven that yet. When given the chance to talk about his positions on the issues, Joe refused to answer a questionnaire from Project Vote Smart, which is an online organization that vets the candidates on positions, campaign finances, voting record, and more. Project Vote Smart claims that Joe refused to answer the questionnaire after it was sent to him, and being contacted by Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political figures. Larry Sheets on the other hand decided that it was important to let you know where he stands, and Project Vote Smart gave him a 100 percent political courage rating.

Folks, it is easy to talk the talk, but when it comes to walk the walk, Joe is found ducking and running. If Joe couldn’t find time to give you his positions on abortion, budgets, spending, taxes, campaign finances, government reforms, crime, public safety, economics, education, environment, energy, guns, health, social, and legislative issues, than how can we trust him as our state Representative.

Larry is running because he wants to make a difference for our communities, he is running because he feels it is time to stand up for communities that are being strangled by government red tape. We need proven leaders like Larry.

The choice in this election couldn’t be clearer. It’s between continuing a family tradition, or standing up for what is right. I am asking you to stand with Larry Sheets for the Iowa House of Representatives.

Austin Harris 

Political Advocate


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