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March 26, 2013

More to Moravia school bond issue

Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — Dear Editor,

Oop's. The things they forgot to tell you about the Moravia school bond issue.

No this won't raise your taxes "now" because they already raised them before the bond was voted for.

Talk to your tax man and he will tell you that they went up back in 2012 from 1 percent in 2011 to 13 percent in 2012. Bet you didn't know that did you?

Did they tell you that the school bought the property where the old trailer park was and didn't vote on that! The cost was some $70,000 for what and what reason. Explain that to the people of Moravia.

Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s when we had 50 to 55 more students graduating each year from Moravia we weren't over crowded back then how can they say that they are over crowded now when they only have 19 students graduating this year. This is not guess work, look it up like I did. You will be surprised like I was. I did some searching and the people of Moravia need to do the same.

You can buy an Alumni book at the Moravia Library. Check out the facts like I did.

By the way did you ever stop and think how many teachers live in Moravia and pay taxes for the Moravia School. Some live out of town or they rent and us tax payers have to cover their cost.

Oh here, thought you might like to know what a Moravia coach said about the people of Moravia and this is word for word from Facebook: "Welcome To Moravia- your local retirement community. I can't wait until all the old farts die so this town can grow and progress."

If it wasn't for all of the retired people in Moravia and all the one's that have past where do you think all the tax money came from then to keep the school running for all these years.

Vote “No” April 2, 2013.

Dave Brown