Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

October 30, 2012

Larry Sheets is right for Iowa House District 80

Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — Dear Editor,

Like many of you, I will be thrilled when the election is over. I have voted in my time for members of both parties. But when it comes to Iowa House Race 80, I cast my vote for Larry Sheets. Gov. Branstad has said, Larry is one of the most qualified candidates to ever run for House. It is not that I do not like his opponent, Joe Judge. I do. He is a good teacher and like myself comes from a family with lots of political involvement. But Joe is wrong for southern Iowa. And his support for liberal agendas is wrong as is his negative distorted campaign against Larry Sheets.

Here's why Larry is the best choice:

1. He is not a politician running for this office as a stepping stone to bigger things. He simply wants to be a public servant for southern Iowa. He has not taken, as his opponent thousands of dollars from liberal PACS in Des Moines and elsewhere and held his major fundraiser in Polk County as Mr. Judge has. Larry is representing southern Iowa.

2. Larry lives on his farm and is devoted to agriculture. He supports Iowa hunters and is  a strong environmentalist  and received recognition for his planting 120,000 hardwoods. He  supports Bill Northey and the Agriculture Department and wants additional overseas markets for Iowa farmers. He is on the Indian Hills Sustainable Agriculture Board. He realizes small business and agriculture are our state's backbone.

3. Larry is committed to property tax relief. His opponent's party has blocked the governor's goals. Iowa has the largest property tax of any state that has an income tax. It is time to change that, and help Iowa families.

4. Larry is committed to southern Iowa jobs. Democratic and liberal tax policies are driving business out of Iowa with high corporate taxes — so much so that businesses that could locate in places like Appanoose County go elsewhere where the business climate is better. Iowa has the highest corporate rate of tax on businesses over $250,000 — that kills jobs.

5. Larry is devoted to education. He has eight children — one a special needs. He has children involved in the Moulton Schools, Centerville. He is on the Moulton School Board. He supports county wide districts like Centerville and Albia having more funds to run larger bus routes. He anonymously funded the Moulton Schools air conditioning systems until someone leaked the news. He has served as director for the Rockwell Technologies Board and realizes our kids need the best in technology. For his opponent to say Larry is against education is unacceptable.

6. Larry is  committed to the values of Iowa. He is an active member of his church. He serves on the Hope Pregnancy Center to help crisis pregnancies.  He believes that unborn life should be protected and that marriage is between a man and a woman. His opponent does not and supports activist liberal judges.

The choice is clear. Vote Larry Sheets.

Richard Grimes

Retired teacher and  newscaster

Albia-Monroe County (part of District 80)