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January 14, 2013

2012 wage report for city of Centerville


2012 Wage Publication Report    

per Code of Iowa, Ch. 279.35    


Armstrong, Willard S    630.00

Barber, Jeremy W    2328.00

Beck, Robert A    6,321.25

Beck, Tom A    21,437.00

Benjamin, Heather    3,366.00

Bogle, Michael W    49,602.14

Brand, Edwin M    1,000.00

Bratz, Kathryn L    1,024.07

Brice, Jack E    38,233.48

Brown, Cody W    7,400.91

Buckallew, Gary A    42,835.26

Burgin, Jaylon L    1,102.57

Caraccio, Antonio G    1,263.00

Carson, Tommy L    37,829.86

Casteel, Mickie N    35,053.44

Cole, Jeremy E    41,069.08

Cooper, Michael E    1,139.00

Creagan, Ronald L    28,521.69

Crego, Kimberly A    73,544.80

Crouse, Jacqueline M    1,152.00

Davis, Joyce E    33,819.73

Demry, Thomas R    54,014.08

Duley, Wade D    75.00

Dye, Mark D    6,652.62

Earhart, Robert D    320.00

Green, Judy E    31,910.43

Grothe, Benjamin T    1,085.70

Hamilton, Darrin D    1,810.00

Harwell, Jason A    690.00

Hawkins, Stephen C    50,863.99

Hindley, Nicholas G    578.00

Hopkins, Susan M    39,767.01

Houser, Shaun L    42,379.20

Howard, Tyson S    45,592.34

Howington, Danny B    630.00

Hudson, Jeremy M    2,220.00

Hudson, Justin D    789.00

Jellison, Cody R    34,678.37

Johnson, George H    29,573.16

Johnson, Lacy M    759.44

Johnson, Tammy L    20,077.41

Kauzlarich, Jason G    660.00

Knapp, Brandon J    44,477.41

Kozak, Steven W    6,023.13

Lamb, Michael L    1,536.00

Lawson, Brian W    14,317.76

Lind, Robert M    1,000.00

Marcusson, Randy J    1,000.00

Meng, Sherri J    43.50

Milburn, Vernon D    44,317.88

Mitchell, Marsha A    1,103.67

Moore, Michael J    45,175.53

Moore, Ryan G    6,863.21

Moorman, Jesse D    40,089.42

Naill, William E    38,915.08

Oden, Carley K    755.83

Oden, Josie A    415.08

Perry, Robert W    48.00

Piatt, Darrin E    780.00

Raskie, Jason W    40,785.64

Reistroffer, Kenneth M    43,067.14

Richmond, Makenzie M    543.75

Rupalo, Maranda M    1,808.89

Rupalo, Marrisa K    338.94

Ryals, Bradley J    41,987.34

Schmell, Craig A    972.00

Schwering, Noah R    2,277.50

Senior, James C    9,615.50

Sharp, Allen W    330.00

Sherwood, Donald L    630.00

Sheston, Thomas J    46,904.90

Shott, Elijah W    2,222.14

Sivetts, Joseph H    42,667.56

Smith, Charles R    1,000.00

Smith, Debra J    2,474.50

Smothers, Gary W    43,571.90

Smothers, Kristopher W    39,771.94

Starr, Kerry W    495.00

Steele, Jacob D    37,295.73

Summers, Stephanie D    1,513.44

Swanson, Kimberlee D    35,605.10

TF Officer #1    10,382.02

TF Officer #2    28,395.69

Thomas, Kyle T    222.95

Thomas, Linda L     35,014.74

Todey, Mark A    23,208.22

Veach, Jeremy L    39,947.64

Veach, Staci A    3,220.51

Wells, Shannon R    33,156.80

Widmar, Angela M    340.00

Wolver, Shayla R    1,212.50

Zaputil, Jamie J    6,987.50

TOTAL 2012 Payroll    1,618,628.01


Joyce E Davis, Temporary City Clerk   

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