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June 18, 2012

Land Transfers 06/18/12

Daily Iowegian

APPANOOSE COUNTY — Debra Walker conveyed to herself land in Rathbun May 25.

Debra Walker conveyed to Gregory A. Kauzlarich and Penny L.Kauzlarich land in Rathbun May 25.

Robert H. Rosencrants conveyed to Jesse Eugene Crow land in Vermillion Township May 25.

Daniel Scott Buban trustee and revocable trust conveyed to Amy L. Kroeger land in Brazil May 25.

Lawrence J. Daniels and Darlene D. Daniels conveyed to themselves land in Taylor Township May 25.

Andrea C. Snider and Scott C. Snider conveyed to themselves land in Washington Township May 29.

Secluded Land Company LLC conveyed to Karl Moscrip and Kathryn A. Moscrip land in Union and Udell townships May 29.

Leonard Laverne Thomas conveyed to himself land in Centerville May 30.

Joseph Trinkle and Natalie Trinkle conveyed to Edward D. Kelly and Nancy M. Kelly land in Vermillion Township May 30.

Dorothy Fern Curtis conveyed to her revocable trust land in Independence Township May 30.

Robert W. Pick and Sandra L. Pick conveyed to Ida Eremenine Krum land in Centerville May 31.

Tracy L. Stajcar and John Sogandares conveyed to John J. Stajcar land in Udell Township May 31.

Cory Dwight Ellison administrator, Casey Lorraine Kool administrator and George Dwayne Ellison estate conveyed twice to Eugene K. Daniels and Alta M. Daniels land in Moravia May 31.

Robert Lee Ray, Janice Lee Ray, Patsy Ann Wilson Regenwether and Patrick Regenwether conveyed to Jamie A. Stallman land in Pleasant Township June 1.

Sheryl Harlan administrator and Phyllis Jean Knowles estate conveyed to Antonio G. Caraccio and Julie Ann Caraccio land in Centerville June 1.

Sheryl Harlan conveyed to Phyllis Jean Knowles land in Centerville June 1.

Anthony Harold Thomas and Donna K. Stephens conveyed to Anthony H. Thomas revocable trust land in Franklin Township June 1.

Jack L. O'Hair and Carol J. O'Hair conveyed to themselves land in Centerville June 1.

Lester P. Strunk and Betty L. Strunk conveyed to Timothy J. Waits and Athena Waits land in Moravia June 1.

Hal Joseph Dixon conveyed to Nancy Logan land in Moulton June 6.

Andrew C. Wilson and Megan R. Wilson conveyed to Ricky J. Cole and Tammy L. Cole land in Moravia June 7.

Darrel W. Morrow and Rebecca Lee Morrow conveyed to AEA LLC land in Vermillion Township June 8.

Judith Ann Littke executor, James Edward Smith executor, Jay Rex Smith executor and Mildred A. Smith estate conveyed to Judith A. Littke, James E. Smith and Jay R. Smith land in Centerville June 8.

Judith Ann Littke, James E. Smith, Jay R. Smith, Russel Littke, Lana K. Smith and Greta D. Smith conveyed to JJJ Apartments LLC land in Centerville June 8.

Michael R. Miller conveyed to Tracy M. Daugherty land in Centerville, Franklin and Vermillion townships June 8.

Thad L. Pickett and Veronica L. Pickett conveyed to Midwestone Bank land in Moulton June 11.