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February 2, 2012

CITY OF CENTERVILLE 2011 Wage Publication Report


2011 Wage Publication Report    


Armstrong, Willard S    840.00

Barber, Jeremy W    156.00

Beck, Robert A    4,970.00

Beck, Tom A    23,874.50

Bogle, Michael W    43,325.25

Bozwell, Robert F    7,046.75

Brand, Edwin M    125.00

Brice, Jack E    36,851.04

Buckallew, Gary A    41,840.72

Burgin, Jaylon L    1,361.19

Caraccio, Antonio G    1,143.00

Carson, Tommy L    35,151.53

Carter, Wallace M    1,000.00

Carter, Wesley J    585.00

Casteel, Mickie N    34,875.81

Cole, Jeremy E    38,526.06

Cooper, Michael E    3,339.32

Creagan, Ronald L    51,561.68

Crego, Kimberly A    65,605.02

Davis, Joyce E    32,671.81

Demry, Thomas R    52,653.47

Dobraska, Megan M    643.45

Duley, Wade D    1,146.00

Dye, Mark D    31,081.73

Gottman, Haley M    534.69

Green, Judy E    29,705.09

Grenko, Levi C    953.38

Grothe, Benjamin T    944.31

Hamilton, Darrin D    1,690.00

Harwell, Jason A    555.00

Hawk, Glen    440.00

Hawkins, Jakob R    420.51

Hawkins, Stephen C    49,270.64

Henderson, Sawyer C    580.01

Hindley, Nicholas G    697.00

Hook, Staci A    8,894.05

Hopkins, Susan M    41,031.32

Houser, Shaun L    41,622.59

Howard, Tyson S    43,808.74

Howington, Danny B    375.00

Hudson, Jeremy M    1,651.50

Hudson, Justin D    1,226.13

Hull, Gary D    21,057.78

Jellison, Cody R    36,306.64

Johnson, George H    28,973.56

Johnson, Lacy M    404.20

Johnson, Tammy L    20,492.65

Kaster, Sharena O    614.00

Knapp, Brandon J    43,158.42

Kozak, Steven W    8,279.25

Lamb, Michael L    4,871.00

Lawson, Brian W    46,377.49

Lind, Robert M    1,000.00

McAfee, Matthew W    916.68

McCarty, Britni M    344.38

McDaniel, Levi J    270.07

Milburn, Vernon D    43,131.45

Mitchell, Marsha A    28,695.42

Moore, Michael J    43,891.40

Moore, Ryan G    1,020.00

Moorman, Jesse D    39,738.49

Morgan, Robbert W    500.00

Naill, William E    37,459.78

Perry Robert W    72.00

Piatt, Darrin E    1,020.00

Raskie, Jason W    36,410.72

Regenwether, Patsy A    20,277.92

Reistroffer, Kenneth M    41,763.72

Richmond, Makenzie M    580.01

Rinchiuso, Anne S    7,081.68

Rupalo, Maranda M    1,346.68

Ryals, Bradley J    39,173.68

Schmell, Craig A    1,092.00

Schmell, Morgan J    735.89

Schwering, Noah R    1,161.81

Sharp, Ashley N    2,756.52

Sherwood, Donald L    540.00

Sheston, Thomas J    43,705.15

Shott, Elijah W    667.01

Sivetts, Joseph H    35,615.90

Smothers, Gary W    41,407.24

Smothers, Kristopher W    38,473.44

Stansberry, Gene R    605.00

Starr, Kerry W    210.00

Steele, Jacob D    18,275.70

Summers, Samantha J    4,976.13

Swanson, Kimberlee D    35,035.52

TF Officer #1    36,161.60

TF Officer #2    36,161.60

Thomas, Kyle T    429.57

Thomas, Linda L     35,093.76

Todey, Mark A    1,743.50

Turner, Daniel A    120.00

Veach, Jeremy L    36,249.96

Wells, Shannon R    3,727.20

West, Georald D    1,627.50

Wolver, Shayla R    1,330.39

TOTAL 2011 Payroll    1,667,905.75


/s/Kim Crego, City Clerk   

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The Iowegian wants readers to think about the solicitation ordinance that will prevent groups or individuals from entering a roadway to solicit money. The Centerville City Council in June by a 5-0 vote passed the first reading of just such an ordinance. Public pressure and during a subsequent special meeting, the council voted 3-2 to table the ordinance. A second special meeting to discuss the solicitation ordinance is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 7 at City Hall. So, the question of the week is, "Do you or do you not support the ordinance to prevent solicitation of funds in city streets?"

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