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October 29, 2012

Land Transfers 10/29/2012

Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — Pauline E. Pasa estate and John P. Pasa executor conveyed to Timothy D. Pasa, Daniel A. Pasa, Joseph R. Pasa, John P. Pasa and Cheryl Pasa land in Vermillion Township Oct. 11.

Carl Wagner and Virginia Wagner conveyed to Carl F. Wagner and Virginia E. Wagner land in Sharon Township Oct. 11.

Tony L. Moyer and Kristy Moyer conveyed to Kelley K. Oetker land in Independence Township Oct. 11.

Norman Wenig and Katherine Wenig conveyed to Jack F. Briggs and Phyllis E. Briggs land in Centerville Oct. 11.

Cheryl A. Lord conveyed to Exline Holdings Inc. land in Exline Oct. 11.

Joe E. Borntreger and Mary C. Borntreger conveyed to Eli J. Gingerich and Lydia M. Gingerich land in Franklin Township Oct. 12.

Louise C. Baker and Louise Lippert conveyed to Susan Carol Bronson trust land in Centerville Oct. 12.

Secluded Land Company LLC conveyed to Glenn J. Dietzenbach and Kristina L. Dietzenbach land in Union/Udell Township Oct. 12.

Melissa F. Parrish and Melissa F. Raskie conveyed to Jack Lee Parrish Jr. land in Pleasant Township Oct. 15.

Adrian Ramos and Lorraine Ramos conveyed to Adrian Ramos land in Centerville Oct. 15.

Albert Adams and Mary Adams conveyed to Ronald Lee Adams land in Centerville Oct.15.

Katherine I. Davis conveyed to herself land in Walnut Township Oct. 16.

Appanoose County Treasurer conveyed to Eastside Land Company LLC land in Centerville Oct. 17.

Dan Lee Peterson and Susan Clarissa Peterson conveyed to Steven Allen Wagner land in Independence Township Oct. 18.

Sharon Eileen Balducki and Sharon Eileen Kellow conveyed to Iowa Mens Center land in Centerville Oct. 18.

Federal National Mortgage Association conveyed to Clayton Daniels and Felicia Daniels land in Centerville Oct. 18.

Helen M. Stajcar and F. J. Stajcar conveyed to Helen M. Stajcar trust and trustee land in Udell/Douglas Township Oct. 18.

F. J. Stajcar, Frank J. Stajcar and Helen M. Stajcar conveyed to F. J. Stajcar trust and trustee land in Udell/Douglas Township Oct. 18.

Christopher A. Kruzic, Twilla Ann Folkers Kruzic conveyed to Twilla Ann Folkers Kruzic land in Walnut Township Oct. 18.

Compiled by Amy Kroeger/Daily Iowegian.