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July 24, 2012

School Board approves sharing contracts with Moulton-Udell and Moravia Schools

By Krystal Fowler - Lifestyle editor
Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — The Centerville School Board held their regular monthly meeting Monday, July 9 at the Administration Building. Board member Jeri Pershy was absent.

New Centerville High School principal Roger Raum was on hand for his first school board meeting since beginning on July 1.

The board approved the June meeting minutes and made an amendment to the May meeting minutes because an incorrect bid amount was recorded.

In old business the board approved changes to the Lakeview student handbook and once again discussed possible changes to support staff contracts. Board members specifically discussed the issue of the Lakeview secretary possibly receiving more compensation due to the increasing student population in the upcoming school year.

Superintendent Tony Ryan said he advised that the secretary's contract should be increased by five days, to bring it in line with all other secretary contracts in the district. However he believed compensation should remain the same due to the position being hourly and on the approved pay scale, to be fair to all other employees. Ryan said he was completely fine with hiring an additional staffer if the workload was too great.

Lakeview principal Terri Schofield said she believed the school could handle the additional students with the staff they have now, but would monitor the situation closely and let the superintendent know if extra help was required. Schofield said also that the secretaries at some of the smaller elementary schools have already discussed taking on some of Lakeview's data entry duties to free up the Lakeview secretary to work more with the principal, students and parents.

The board approved a transfer for Shawnda Starr and contracts for Stan Maddy as assistant football coach, Anthony Jahr as assistant football coach, Bill Lester as summer help and Tim Kaster as summer help. The board then approved modifying the activity fund balances once again to make sure no accounts had negative balances.

The board approved participation in federal programs Title I, Title II, Title III, Title V and Title VI and appointed contact people for each program as well as several other programs that require someone in the district for management and documentation. They then appointed an investigator, an alternate investigator and a Level II investigator to research allegations of student abuse, which are annual appointments. Rob Busch was named investigator with Connie Steinbach as the alternate and the county attorney as the Level II. The board also approved the 2012-2013 parent handbook.

Several sharing agreements were approved by the board. One sharing contract with the Moravia School District for teacher Brooke Johnson was approved and four sharing agreements were approved with the Moulton-Udell district. They were for teacher Emily Guemmer, nurse Pat Tresemer, librarian Marcia Meller and technology coordinator Tom Bear.

The annual lease to use the St. Mary's school building to house Centerville Preschool was approved. The cost to the school is $250 per month in rent. The church also provided $660 to the school district to offset utility costs due to there being other tenants besides the school district using the building.

The garbage bid from Hills Sanitation was approved. The cost will be $800 per month plus $25 per container for summer pick ups and an $80 per ton landfill fee. This bid is $85 less than last year's due to the elimination of pick ups at Cincinnati Elementary and Mystic Elementary.

The board approved having MFA Oil place above ground fuel tanks at the bus barn to refuel vehicles. MFA agreed to set the containment and a 500 and 1,000 gallon tank on the property for free and to provide initial pumps and hoses at no charge as long as the district purchases fuel from them. The district also approved Bratz as an alternative fueling station.

Board members then discussed which legislative priorities to choose for the 2012-2013 session. The five chosen were to support continuation of incentives that encourage sharing, to support setting allowable growth at a rate that reflects actual cost increases experienced by schools and AEAs, to support greater flexibility in the use of the management levy, to support predictable and timely state funding to serve students receiving special education services at a level that reflects actual costs and to oppose and seek to repeal unfunded mandates.

The student fees for the 2012-2013 school year were approved at the same rates as last year.

The board also approved a contract with EMC Insurance Company through North Side of the Square Insurance for business protection insurance but asked the superintendent to get multiple bids next year. The cost will be $191,145 for auto, property, general liability, crime, worker's compensation, umbrella, linebacker, pollution, group excess liability and data compromise coverage.

The board approved use of the School Administrators of Iowa's mentoring program for first year teachers and administrators. The district is required by law to have a formal mentoring program aligned with state guidelines. The board also discussed using the formal review method established by SAI/IASB for superintendent annual reviews. The state requires a formal review system for administrators and Superintendent Ryan said he had used the method in the past and was comfortable with it.

The board then approved several sports official's contracts before hearing administrator reports and approving financial reports before adjourning.

The next board meeting will be held Monday, Aug. 13 at 6:30 p.m. at the administration building.