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October 31, 2013

America in 'dire state'

The Daily Iowegian

---- — Vote no Public Measure A

Dear Editor,

Vote no to Public Measure A.

The benefits for having a water works board include water board duties like handle all major financial decisions, maintain and upkeep of 45 miles of distribution water lines and insure safe quality water and meet all DNR and EPA requirements.

The water board was established and voted on by the citizens of centerville. It was created for the sole purpose to be separate from outside influence and entities. Its purpose was to keep monies separate for water only at the discretion of the board.

At this time, the sewer is currently run by the city council and water is under control of the water board even though both appear on the same bill.

Improvements by the water board for the betterment of our citizens includes in the last 10 years 130 blocks have new water mains, $2 million was obtained through grants for water mains, north water tower was paid off early saving $20,000 interest, currently there are plans to paint and clean south water tower at a cost of $160,000 and next year new water mains for paving project.

The reasons to vote to keep the water board include the water board is open minded, progressive and independent of outside politics and has made difficult but sound business decisions for the betterment of our citizens and no rate increases in water rates in five years.

Vote no.

Linda Miller


America is in ‘dire state’

Dear Editor,

It is impossible to overestimate the dire state in which our nation is today. President Obama is putting radical political ideology and transformational power above the rule of law.

The Obama administration’s policies are destroying jobs, ravaging families savings, plunging our nation to a terrifying level of debt, cutting opportunity and hope for a better tomorrow.

Liberal foreign and defense policies have put our national security at risk. Conservatives are being ridiculed as they disagree with liberal policies. Some conservatives have been subjected to special tax examinations and liberals use Big Government to stifle free speech.

We must recognize the declining America in which we are living as we are increasingly dependent on and controlled by the government in all facets of our lives from health care to what cars we drive.

“The Heritage Foundation,” an American leadership organization based at 214 Massachusetts Ave. N.E., P.O. Box 97057, Washington. D.C. 20077-7315, challenges the liberal agenda and promotes free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, a strong national defense, a fairer tax system and a balanced federal budget and is working with members of Congress and state and local leaders to restore America to its founding principles and values, to save the American Dream.

Yours truly,

Lawrence Powell Udell