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September 10, 2013

'Rogue' ordinance

The Daily Iowegian

---- — ‘Rogue’ ordinance

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter with the intent of addressing some of the claims made by Councilman Edwin Brand on his radio station, Wednesday, Sept. 4 regarding a so-called “rogue” ordinance. The ordinance grew out of an issue brought before the city council by a concerned citizen. It is true that the citizen has lived in Centerville for approximately a year. However, the length of an individual’s residency does not determine whether the council will hear and address a citizen’s concern. We want Centerville citizens to be involved in their local government. Mr. Brand should not be so quick to silence the voices of his constituency.

Over the course of three months and several council meetings, Mr. Brand had the opportunity to express his opposition to this ordinance, none of which he took advantage. In fact, Mr. Brand aided the passing of the ordinance by voting his approval on three separate occasions. Where was this passionate dissent he expressed on the radio during the council meetings? Not once did Councilman Brand voice his concern against this ordinance. If he thought that this ordinance was not in the best interest of the community of Centerville, it was his duty and responsibility to voice his opinions before its passing. After several years on the council, his behavior shows either a gross misunderstanding of procedural policies or a severe negligence to fulfill his duties in the role of Councilman.

This is hardly the behavior of a “citizen who champions our community,” as he has described himself. Mr. Brand claims that “the past is over,” and that he is “not one to look backwards.” Perhaps he doesn’t want us to look back because his record speaks for itself. I would urge the citizens of Centerville to consider whether Mr. Brand deserves to continue in his role as Councilman when they vote in November.

Jay Dillard

Centerville City Council

Pride in property ownership

Dear Editor,

Homeowners and landlords, do you think five gallons of paint would increase your property taxes? I do not think so.

Do you landlords ever go by and check on your rentals? For the most part, I do not think so.

Landlords, do you ever do a credit and background check before renting? Again, for some of you, I do not think so.

As a taxpaying resident of Centerville, I do not believe (in fact I know) it does not cost a fortune to maintain your property. If you keep it up, oh yes, other thing, do you ever tell your renters to pick up the trash from the yards or mow and cut the weeds?

Some of you residents of your own properties need to do those things on a regular basis too.

Let’s all take pride in property ownership and make Centerville a greater place to live.

Concerned resident

Charlotte Miller