Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

May 20, 2014

Public hearings are a 'farce'

The Daily Iowegian

---- — Public hearings are a ‘farce’

Dear Editor,

The city government has a proclivity of not being diaphanous (vague).

Therefore, when the ordinary citizenry does not acquiesce and challenges, the citizen becomes inconsequential.

They are treated with intimidation and disdain when in attendance of public hearings.

In lieu of reasonable suggestions, whilst making their decisions, Council decisions are determined much prior to public hearings and Council meetings and it matters not what anyone in disagreement has to say.

Everyone of the public hearings recently are nothing more than a farce. From the Special Assessment Fees (for 10th & State), the $5 million General Obligation bonding (for 10th & State), the raising of the rental permit fees to the 3 percent Franchise Fee on Alliant bills. The same will be true of the usage of the Armory.

The city needs money and they do not care whether the fees and increases are excessive and no guarantee they will be used as intended.

Why do they need money?

When community was 10,000 strong in population, city managed with a mayor, council, clerk and approximately five policemen. Now with population in decline, by 1/2, city needs mayor, council, administrator, clerk, soon to be financial advisor and a multiple amount of law enforcement, some retired, some reaching retirement age.

Since 2006 the city has been manipulated into a plethora of projects which have and will be extremely costly to the city. Seven major projects for water, sewer, sludge and street all ranging at a cost from $1 million to $7 million per project.

In retrospect, the Water Plant closure was not a good financial decision by the Water Board. Against citizens vote and Mayor Fenton’s veto of the Water Board vote, it closed anyway, because Water Board vote won out. With monies remunerated to RRWA since, a new state-of-the-art facility (employing 3/4 people) using RRWA as a second source of water, would have been considerably less monies than amount paid to RRWA each month thereafter.

Bella Vista has yet to be paid off.

Additionally, monies do not go where initially intended. The $900,000 in LOSST Pool account supposedly cannot be touched. We have no new pool, no aquatic center, and monies that cannot be used.

This is some of the various and sundry reasons this city needs money and it’s only a tip of the iceberg. If it continues, city will reach point of no-return, problems will not be solved.

Respectfully submitted

Kathy Cooprider


Enfys, keep writing about Centerville

Dear Editor,

Please tell Enfys McMurry that I really enjoyed her book, “Centerville: A Mid-American Saga.”

I was born and raised in Centerville.

In her book chapter 77 page 473, she mentions Homer McClellon. He was my father. He worked for Steve Martin for many years.

Winifred McClellan was Homer’s wife. She worked for Don Pullman, Percy Norris and James White. She too was born and raised in Centerville.

Howard Watson was Winifred’s brother.

I hope Enfys will write more about Centerville.


Patricia Freer

Goldendale, Wash

Visit Crazy Big Randy’s BBQ

Dear Editor,

We would like to sing the praises of a local business on the Centerville Square. The business is Crazy Big Randy’s BBQ owned by Randy Carel. He goes above and beyond providing good service.

On Mothers Day we had lunch at Big Randy’s. We were joined by my brother and mother who is in a wheelchair. When Randy saw us getting Mom out of the car he came outside to help. Randy and my brother picked Mom and wheelchair up and over the curb and put her on the sidewalk. He then pushed Mom inside.

Not only is the customer service outstanding, the food is delicious and very reasonable priced.

If you haven’t been to Big Randy’s, then you need to visit this establishment, ASAP.


Charlotte and Myles Novotny