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February 25, 2014

Appanoose County SPF SIG project successes

The Daily Iowegian

---- — Appanoose County SPF SIG project successes

Dear Editor,

The Appanoose County Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant Project is funded through a grant from the Iowa Department of Public Health. Through the SPF SIG Project, a Community Coalition has been formed to focus on reducing under-age and adult binge drinking within Appanoose County. The Appanoose County Collaboration Council is a community coalition focused on preventing alcohol abuse problems and other related issues in the community. Coalition members have been successful in mobilizing resources in the community and collaborating to reduce the use of alcohol by under-age youth and reducing adult binge drinking in Appanoose County.

Appanoose County Partners like: concerned citizens, parents, community schools, business community leaders, public health officials, Appanoose County and Centerville law enforcement, Iowa State Patrol, city and county public officials and Sieda Community Action have taken an active role in addressing the problem of underage and adult binge drinking through implementing prevention strategies targeting youth, young adults, community institutions, and policies.

The Appanoose County Collaboration Council is making a difference by working with local officials and implementing social host ordinances, conducting bi-annual alcohol compliance checks, working with local partners to create a public alcohol restrictions policy, and promoting media campaigns “What Do You Throw Away” and “Stay Classy” to reduce underage and adult binge drinking.

Appanoose County Partners seek to increase county awareness of underage and adult binge drinking and promote the message that these issues are everyone’s problem. Informing parents, youth, and other community members about the issue is an essential step in reducing underage and adult binge drinking.

Respectfully submitted by the Appanoose County Collaboration Council.

Chuck Russell

Appanoose County SPF-SIG coordinator

Behavior Health and Treatment Services

Sieda Community Action