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November 4, 2013

City Council 2013: Jay Dillard

CENTERVILLE — 1. What is your background? Job(s), family, education, expertise, qualifications, etc.
2. Why should people vote for you?
3. What do you hope to accomplish if you are (re) elected?  
4. What are some of the main issues facing the community and where do you stand on them?

1. What is your background? Job(s), family, education, expertise, qualifications, etc.: I was raised in east Tennessee in an economically challenged single-parent home. A hard work ethic, responsibility and respect for others were everyday lessons in my upbringing. I studied history and psychology at Lee University. History taught me to value the contributions of those that came before us and to not relive the mistakes of the past. Psychology taught me to understand behavior and value people’s perspectives. In 2010 I moved my wife and three kids to Centerville to run Hydra Pools manufacturing facility. In April of this year I was unanimously selected to fill the vacant seat on the city council. It has been my honor to work for the citizens of Centerville. 

2. Why should people vote for you?: I care about Centerville and want it to prosper now and in the future. That is why I am very active in several groups involved with bettering Centerville: Common Ground, Lorraine’s Mission, AEDC marketing group, Airport Commission and Mainstreet Community. I take my position on the City Council very seriously and take great strides to prepare, in advance, before each meeting. In council meetings I ask good questions, listen well, remain open-minded, speak my mind and am respectful of others. I have learned these skills through many years of hard work managing people and resources. City Council is an embodiment of the will of the people.  The people of Centerville are the boss, and thus should be heard and treated with a level of respect due that important position. 

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The Iowegian wants readers to think about the solicitation ordinance that will prevent groups or individuals from entering a roadway to solicit money. The Centerville City Council in June by a 5-0 vote passed the first reading of just such an ordinance. Public pressure and during a subsequent special meeting, the council voted 3-2 to table the ordinance. A second special meeting to discuss the solicitation ordinance is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 7 at City Hall. So, the question of the week is, "Do you or do you not support the ordinance to prevent solicitation of funds in city streets?"

A. I support the ordinance
B. I do not support the ordinance
C. Not sure
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