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November 4, 2013

Mayor 2013: Jan Spurgeon

CENTERVILLE — 1. What is your background? Job(s), family, education, expertise, qualifications, etc.: Born the fourth of five children to farm parents, I am fortunate to have been exposed to all aspects of farm-life including hard work, long days, commitment, pride, growth from trials and tribulations — those values that have been my foundation for life-issues. I moved to Centerville in 1972 as a single parent, met my late husband Larry and we were married in 1976. Together we raised and educated four sons who blessed us with their successes and with nine grandchildren whom I adore. I have always been active in my church and community volunteering in any way I could. My husband and I began a small business in 1984 on a part-time basis. I continue the administrative part of the business to this day. I have lived in my present location since 1976 and have always taken much pride in my properties.   

2. Why should people vote for you?: As a former City Council woman in the late 90s to mid-2000, I have experience in city government and was part of a team that made many infrastructure improvements. I always did my homework prior to council meetings thus went to meetings prepared. I listened to concerns of the people and made decisions based on fair and balanced judgments for the public good. I feel I am approachable and have always tried to greet everyone with a smile and an honest, heartfelt salutation. My personal goal is to bring people together to resolve differences and to work for the good of all. We live in a very unique community, and we must preserve and embrace our heritage with dignity, integrity, passion and pride, cooperation and compromise, that by these virtues, we can and will produce exemplary success. 

3. What do you hope to accomplish if you are (re) elected?: I have a penchant for getting things done! My goal if elected is to encourage groups already in place to develop Centerville into a model and envied community! Our culture and traditions are varied and rare and should be respected and treasured and honed upon. There appears to be a groundswell of positive energy, eagerness, optimism and cooperation emerging from various committees and organizations between the city, county, schools, Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development, Main Street, Wellness and others. I will continue to embrace these entities' passion and commitment to produce a flourishing local economy, a safe place to live, work and raise a family, to make healthy lifestyle decisions through wellness opportunities and to develop leaders not only now but for the future as well.

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The Iowegian wants readers to think about the solicitation ordinance that will prevent groups or individuals from entering a roadway to solicit money. The Centerville City Council in June by a 5-0 vote passed the first reading of just such an ordinance. Public pressure and during a subsequent special meeting, the council voted 3-2 to table the ordinance. A second special meeting to discuss the solicitation ordinance is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 7 at City Hall. So, the question of the week is, "Do you or do you not support the ordinance to prevent solicitation of funds in city streets?"

A. I support the ordinance
B. I do not support the ordinance
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