Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

July 19, 2012

Snap Fitness offering fitness to community

By Bailey Poolman - Correspondent
Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — The citizens of Centerville have been given more options to improve their health and lifestyles now that Snap Fitness is part of the community. The new fitness center, which was built in January and officially opened in March, contains cardio and strength training machines for everyone to get in shape for the beach, a summer wedding, or just for a life change.

“What’s great about Snap is their motto. It’s fast, it’s clean, it’s affordable. It sets us apart from other health clubs,” explains manager Brian Worth.

Worth, originally from Albia, had always been interested in athletics. His brothers influenced him, and he played football and basketball. He attended William Penn, where he played baseball and got a degree in Physical Education, Wellness and Recreation. At Snap Fitness he is the manager and a personal trainer.

Snap Fitness, located at 710 N. 18th is a 24-hour health club with different machines and rooms to utilize. The main area contains cardio machines, such as elliptical, spin bikes and stationary bikes, strength training machines, such as bicep curl, abdominal crunch, and seated leg curl and free weights. There are locker rooms with showers available and there is also the one room that sets the facility apart.

The Fitness-on-Demand room is a room where people can go to do classes or to workout out of the sight of others. Just outside the room is a touch-screen TV, where one can choose from different classes like yoga, Pilates or kickboxing. Once the class is selected, a screen drops inside the room and a video will come on to teach the chosen class.

“I like it, it’s clean and they have tons of equipment. The best feature, I’d have to say, that I don’t utilize very much would be the touch screen,” says Brooke Johnson, a gym-goer. “It’s like you forget you’re in Centerville, it’s so nice.”

Aside from using the Fitness-on-Demand room, there is music playing and TVs on for the entertainment of those using the machines. There is also a set of cubbies near the front door to hold one’s things while working out.

“[Snap Fitness] thought it would be nice for the people of Centerville to have another option,” says Worth. “[They choose] smaller towns where there is more of a community feel — [it’s] economical for everyone.”

Snap Fitness, founded in 2003 and operating on franchising, has about 1,500 facilities in the U.S. alone and others in seven other countries worldwide. There are possible plans for building more facilities in the northern Missouri-southeast Iowa area.

Several differences between Snap Fitness and other health clubs are: there are no contracts, there are no frills and there are in-center perks. Membership is month by month, instead of a year contract. If someone is a member of the facility, he or she has access to any and all centers, not just the center he or she signed up at. Because the facility does not have a pool, gym or other “frills,” there is no extra cost to the member. Members pay for what they will use instead of paying extra for things they may not use in the long run. At the Centerville facility, there are in-center perks. One is the EasyFit accelerometer. It tallies movement and awards points. There are competitions within the facility. There are also fit scores. These tests are free to members and allow them to do physical fitness tests to get a base line for improvement.

Because of its 24-hour status, Snap Fitness is utilized at all hours of the day and night. For those that have free time at 4 or 5 a.m., or for those that get off work at 10 or 11 p.m., the facility is accessible through a card received when signing up for a membership.

There are plans for eventually adding classes to the repertoire of Snap Fitness, including boot camps and Zumba. They would be smaller classes held inside the facility, but if there is enough demand, class size may grow and the classes may be held outdoors. “[There are a] couple surprises coming up in the near future,” says Worth, of the plans headquarters has for the company.

Manager Brian Worth is available Monday and Wednesday, 11-7, and Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 9-5. He is also available outside work hours for training appointments. Monthly memberships are $29.95 for a single, $39.95 for a joint membership and $49.95 for a family. For more information, contact Worth at Snap Fitness at (641) 569-7005, by e-mail at, or check out Snap Fitness’s web site at